Silent prayer

Steve Jobs died.
I was very much surprised.
It is because new iPhone has been just announced recently.
Probably it is at a eighth grade student’s time that I got to know a company called Apple.
The personal computer of a host family’s house when staying at the United States was Macintosh.
From now on, it will be a front in about about 20 years.
Apple of those days is modest — rather — a maniac –.
iMac was put on the market when I was a sophomore in a university.
It was acute-like very popular and.
But,As for me, it was not interested in Apple those days.
Then, iPod nano was put on the market.
And I felt and purchased charm to the design and the brand design.
I did not know those days.
Steve Jobs was participating in the all.

Steve Jobs died.

I go to reserve iPhone4S tomorrow.